Everybody should have the
skills of a journalist

Students learn to assemble information, determine fact vs fiction
vs opinion; communicate effectively and responsibly.

How it works

1. The Mayor’s office sends a press briefing to teachers and students.

2. Teachers work with their students on producing an opinion or
   editorial piece. 

3. Students focus on what interests them and are encouraged to
   conduct further research and interviews on their own.
   They imagine that they are journalists writing breaking news for
   their communities.

4. Selected Presstos are published and promoted on our
   platform/social media and the Mayor’s Offices.
Oklahoma City, OK
Kansas City, MI
Kansas City, MI
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Promoting civic engagement

Pressto's Junior Journalism program provides students with a real-world, project-based learning opportunity to cover stories important to their Mayor. It helps connect kids to their community while fostering skills in voice and agency.
Mayor's Office
Help connect kids to the community.
Inspire your students to explore the
world around them! 

Young Journalist
Share your voice, it matters! 

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Any Questions?

What is the Junior Journalist Program? 

The Junior Journalist Program's goal is to engage students in real-world project-based learning, through the lens of civic engagement

Each month, teachers from participating schools will have access to briefs from the mayor’s office. Whether it’s about reporting the story or producing an opinion piece, 200 - 300 word stories are meant to showcase the application of learned skills to real-world experiences.

How do I sign-up?

If you are located in Honolulu, HI. Oklahoma City, OK. Kansas City, MI. or New York, NY. you are ready to go. Click on your city on the map above and it will take you to your city page where you can access the briefs from your mayor. 

What do I do if my city is not listed? 

The Junior Journalist Program is always on the lookout for cities that are interested in joining. Fill out the form fill above to let us know what city you want next! We can reach out to your mayor on your behalf. 

Is the Junior Journalist Program free? 

Yes! There is no cost to join the Junior Journalist Program. 

What is Pressto?

Pressto motivates students to write more. Our approach is student journalism. Students make Pressto's (zines and other online formats) to develop their voice, agency, and share their ideas.

Developed by educators and journalists, Pressto gives smart hints and real-time feedback that teach kids the fundamentals of writing. Teachers can use Pressto across a range of subject areas and define writing goals for students to hone their skills.

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