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Pressto Junior Journalists

Pressto's Junior Journalism program with NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ press office gives students a unique opportunity using Pressto to report on activities alongside other media reporters covering community related stories. See examples here.

“We are proud to play a meaningful role in cultivating the next generation of journalists. Giving students hands-on opportunities and teaching them media literacy is so important, especially in today’s news landscape. We look forward to reading their bylines in the years ahead in New York’s unparalleled local media ecosystem,” said Mayor-Elect Eric Adams.

The Junior Journalist program works best in partnership with your class or school, so definitely ask your teacher about participating as a class or with your teacher’s support.

Register below.

WHO? We are looking for students interested in writing.
WHAT? Put on your reporter’s hat and report on the activities of NYC Mayor Eric Adams using press releases provided to you by their press office.
WHEN? The news moves fast and so must you! After receiving a press briefing and you’ll be expected to create a Pressto zine within 3-5 days of receiving the brief.
WHERE? Participate with your class or with the help of your teacher.  No commuting necessary, all you need is your computer or iPad!
WHY? We want young people to show us their amazing writing skills and encourage future journalists.

The more the merrier!! Ask your teacher to participate as a class and everyone can join in on the fun! Plus your class will have free access to the Pressto online writing tool for the rest of the school year!!  Pressto makes writing fun!