Enhance Your Curriculum with Structured Writing Practice

motivate your
students to write

Engage and energize students in a writing environment that merges text
and visuals with real-time feedback.
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Students write across a range of subjects and interests and produce their own digital essays or pages, or printable zines.
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Boost confidence by supporting skillful writing. Scaffolds include: Planning Blocks that help students organize and compose their ideas, Signal Words that help students connect one idea to the next, Important Words that help students compose engaging texts, and real-time feedback that notices what students write and names strategies to help them improve their writing.
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Support Student Progress

With a comprehensive view of the whole class, easily pinpoint the progress of each student. Then, dive into the specifics of any individual's work and leave comments to instruct and encourage.
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How it Works?

Pressto is the first writing and micro-journalism platform for Kindergarten through Middle School.

Feature One

Pressto is the first writing and micro-journalism platform for Kindergarten through Middle School.


Pressto is the first writing and micro-journalism platform for Kindergarten through Middle School.
Unlock creativity for all.


The writing prompt generator is very impressive, and it's clear the AI has ‘read the book’.  I teach grade 10 ELA. The prompt generator intrigues me because:

1) It makes it easy to  create a quick assignment to
wrap up a teaching session;
2) it reminds students about how to connect ideas
with the signal (transition) words for the writing style I select.

- Kevin C, Indiana

The real-time feedback is so important to keep students engaged by knowing they are doing good things. It is indeed motivating. And the ability for me to monitor the whole class and comment on any individual work in real-time is amazing.

My colleagues and I tend work untethered so to have this kind of access wherever we are is a big time saver!

- Alison W, New York

"Today we made newspapers with Pressto,
published and shared"


The art of teaching writing can be a complex concept for many teachers. Pressto allows teachers to motivate students and provide them with the confidence needed to become writers.

Students are able to see themselves as authors of their craft. They are able to align standard-based content to the writing process which results in stronger writers.

- Sandra D'Avilar
Executive Director, NYC Dept of Ed.

"Highly recommend... fun!"


"The most fun thing we did is writing
- Here's what I did"


"Our students love it, the teacher loves it, and it’s inspired our writers. You couldn’t ask for anything more than that."

- Ms. Gundersen

Pressto is a really fun project that we can start online and finish offline - We can also share digitally across all channels. We are learning critical writing and media literacy, and we could not be having more fun!

- Boston Family

"I recommend this program as a strong motivating supplement to support students with their writing across subject areas."

- Ms. Zutter

"Most important, students loved that they could have their own magazine, and everyone could share their stories. It makes writing much more fun and interesting."

- Ms. Porfirio





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