News for Kids

Elementary school students are not too young to start watching, reading, and understanding the news. Staying informed about real-world events helps them to understand and interpret the world in which they live.

Here are 5 Kid-Friendly News Sources for Your Students:

CNN 10 is an online digital news show to keep the kids up to date on world news. Each episode is ten minutes long. There is new content daily. It’s designed for middle and high school students, but it’s simple enough for upper elementary students to understand as well.

Time for Kids nurtures today's learners and tomorrow's leaders with authentic news and the critical-thinking skills that help to shape their world view. The site offers a collection of short, positive news articles written just for kids. You can choose articles by grade-level (K-6) or topics.

Dogo is an online news site for children with stories written from an international perspective. Topics include current events, science, social studies, civics, world, environment, fun, and sports. You can also select by grade level (1-12) or word count.

News for Kids publishes daily roundups of current news written for children, including explanations of unfamiliar terms. US-based but includes worldwide stories. Free to access with ads, paid for ad-free subscription available.

Newsela’s platform takes real and new content from trusted providers and turns it into learning materials that meet State standards. You can search for articles by subject as well as grade level.