NYC Students Reporting from Brooklyn Borough Hall

Pressto is enhancing the journalistic experience for NYC-based students by announcing their Junior Journalist program in conjunction with Brooklyn Borough Hall President Eric Adams’ press office. The collaboration provides a unique opportunity for students to report on activities alongside other media reporters covering community related stories.

“We are proud to play a meaningful role in cultivating the next generation of journalists. Giving students hands-on opportunities and teaching them media literacy is so important, especially in today’s news landscape. We look forward to reading their bylines in the years ahead in New York’s unparalleled local media ecosystem,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

Each week, a newly selected student journalist will receive a press briefing from Eric Adams’ office on Monday. The student will then draft the story and work with an editor as needed, after which the final piece will be filed on Pressto’s platform by Wednesday. The 200 to 300 word stories are meant to showcase the application of learned skills to real world experiences.

“We really want to encourage young people to get involved in journalism as early as possible,” said Pressto Founder Daniel Stedman. “By collaborating with Eric Adams’ office, we are able to provide kids with a different perspective of a public figure, and offer a way to show how fun writing can be.”

Pressto’s proprietary technology is designed to transform the way youth create and understand media by helping students develop a healthy relationship with what they create and consume, and ultimately put out into the world. Pressto's primary focus is to engage with schools in order to implement the program as a supplemental tool that fits any curriculum, across subject areas - the platform is currently part of a pilot program with the New York Department of Education - and will also extend beyond the classroom so that parents and children can utilize Pressto on their own.

To address the ever changing landscape of COVID related restrictions, and transportation challenges for kids, the Junior Journalist program  assignments will be conducted virtually.

To learn more about how a student, school or classroom can participate in the Junior Journalist program, please register here.