Summer Writing

School’s out and your kids are (hopefully) outside every day enjoying some summer fun! Creating new summer memories is a childhood right. However, it’s also important that your kids continue writing over the summer.  A surefire way to improve writing skills is to write every day.

Here are 5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Write Over the Summer:

  1. Start a blog. An online blog is the perfect way to get children started with daily writing. Blogs can be published to the internet and shared with friends and family. Pressto is the perfect platform to publish and share your child’s blog. Our unique, easy-to-use platform motivates children to write critically while learning media literacy.
  2. Use photos for inspiration. Photos make an excellent starting point for kids to create a story. You can find unique photos online or use some of your own. Encourage them to be creative and use their imaginations.
  3. Use story-starters. A story starter is a fun way to help your child begin their story. You can give your child an opening line or a set of words and have them imagine their scenario and build the story around it.
  4. Write from life experiences.  Ask your child to write about him or herself. The possibilities are endless when they can choose moments from their lives to write about. Whether it’s their favorite toy or the perfect vacation, encourage your child to be as descriptive as possible.
  5. Write letters. Though letter writing is becoming a lost art, everyone loves getting mail. Ask your child to write a weekly letter to a grandparent, cousin, or friend that lives far away. They will get excited when they get a reply and the correspondence will teach them proper letter writing etiquette while helping them learn how to convey information in writing.