What is Pressto?

Pressto is an educational writing environment with supports and real-time feedback for students. Pressto works for writing assignments across subjects and interests to create authentic writing experiences. 

Learn about Pressto's key features.

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Good writers begin with a plan. Blocks are a visual representation of a writer’s plan and provide writing spaces to organize and present ideas.

Help your students visualize text structure and plan their writing with
Graphic Organizers that match Pressto's Blocks.

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Writing Buddy

Writing Buddy gives students encouraging and facilitative feedback as they write. Teachers control when Writing Buddy is enabled.

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Signal Words

Good writers use Signal Words to alert their reader what’s coming next. They are specific to the student’s Writing Plan.

Important words

Important Words are interesting, vivid, or content-specific words based on the topic or prompt. They can be auto-generated or added by the teacher.

Published Writing

Encourage students to share their writing. Celebrate student writing by sharing digitally or creating printable zines.

Assignment Creator

Teachers have several options to customize writing assignments
and support students.

Real-time View

Monitor and support student progress in real-time.